• Design, solution, production and implementation of switchboards
  • Design, manufacture and installation of special switchboards in atypical climatic environments
  • Custom manufacture and installation of switchboards
  • Production and installation of compensating switchboards
  • Design and implementation of control and control programmable control cabinets
  • Remote measurements
  • Customized energy solutions

Services :

  • Screening equipment (blinds etc.)
  • Heating and air-conditioning for buildings, boiler control
  • Warm water heating
  • Moisture control
  • Electronic fire protection systems
  • Electronic security systems
  • Energy metering
  • Power supply control, HVAC elements and appliances control.
  • Alternative energy sources management
  • EPS - electronic fire protection systems, design and assembly. Customized solutions - pump and fire extinguishing system control in a location where fire was indicated based on the requirements of specific application incl. special ones
  • EZS - electronic security systems


  • LV switchgear up to 6300A
  • Back-up switchboards
  • Energy Center
  • Sale and rental of generators
  • UPS systems
  • Communication