About ATICO MONEO a.s.

ATICO MONEO a.s. offers complete deliveries of electricity supply systems with special focus on back- up power supply equipment.

As a customer-focused company, ATICO MONEO a.s. offers both standard procedures and individual approach adjusted to specific use and applications.

We specialize in „turn-key deliveries“ containing basic design, project documentation, switchgear manufacturing, LV and MV installations, power supply sources, local and  remote communication and control, software as well as  non-stop customer service.

Our technologies and systems have been used in the most demanding applications and operations, our team of trained specialists and technicians is prepared to provide an immediate help in case of need.

We also provide electrical wiring, instrumentation and control, inspections, projecting, maintenance and service, all of this especially for industrial LV and MV installations. Within our own production lines we manufacture LV and HV switchgears, instrumentation and control switchgears, power, installation and meter cabinets, and automated control systems. We can also secure related civil construction work.

Long –term, ATICO MONEO a.s. company is included in the list of qualified suppliers of the Ministry of Industry of the Czech Republic.
The system of switchgear development and manufacturing is certified and performed in compliance with the standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.

The company is a holder of the following certificates:   ISO 9001:2008,     ISO 14001:2004 and   OHSAS 180001:2007