Services ATICO MONEO a.s.

Programming of controllers and industrial process visualization

Our offer also includes visualization, SCADA software and PLC programs for remote control and industrial process automation. Building automation and instrumentation and control systems enable our customers to save energy and reduce operating cost, primarily by monitoring of consumption (heat and power) and by determining the optimum program.

  • Screening equipment (blinds etc.)
  • Heating and air-conditioning for buildings, boiler control
  • Warm water heating
  • Moisture control
  • Electronic fire protection systems
  • Electronic security systems
  • Energy metering
  • Power supply control, HVAC elements and appliances control.
  • Alternative energy sources management
  • EPS - electronic fire protection systems, design and assembly. Customized solutions - pump and fire extinguishing system control in a location where fire was indicated based on the requirements of specific application incl. special ones
  • EZS - electronic security systems